I have hundreds of questions

If I just met you, please bear with me if I ask and talk a lot. I sometimes ask personal questions because I want to know you more; it’s a pleasure to meet someone along my life’s journey. Don’t worry I know what will and will not ask and I will not force you if you don’t want to answer them, I respect your privacy. And most of the time, I ask anything under the sun because I want our conversation to be lively.

But please, don’t judge my intentions to you from what I am saying and asking. I am woman of curiosity plus I am a woman who never run out of anything to say.

I just want to make friends, nothing more, nothing less.

March 30, 2014 (Sunday) 

By God’s grace, I did it. Kahit na halos sablay and mga notes ko dahil sa sobrang kaba, nagawa ko. Nabawasan pa ang stage fright ko. HIndi ko maexplain yung feeling ko that day. At first, wala akong ibang masabi kay Lord kung hindi, “Lord, sana matapos na please.” Because that time, I’m sweating and shaking all over dahil sa sobrang kaba. But when I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit habang nagwoworship ako sa Kaniya, parang ayaw ko ng tumigil. Grabe. Wala talagang impossible kay Lord lalo na kapag you’re doing it for His kingdom. :)

I am lost.

Will there be someone who can help me find my way back home?

Someone who will hold me tight along the journey.

Someone who can make me feel better.

I’m so weak and faint.

I’m in so much pain.

I’m drained.

I might die.

Help me,


You’re still young. Don’t make your life miserable by thinking about problems. Instead, always think that in every problem there’s a solution and everything will be okay. Do what you think is right. Take risks, try new things, laugh and live as if there’s no tomorrow. For the next years of your life you’ll have no choice but to be more responsible. So enjoy while you’re still young and vibrant.

Daily Relatable Love Quotes (via thelovewhisperer)

I have to remind myself always that i’m different. Because seriously, if i am going to compromise to the pattern of this world I’ll end up wasted.

I am here to make difference.